XA® Series

Volume Corrector

■ Low Drag Vertical Index (LDVI)
■ Single and Bi-Directional Versions Available
■ AGA 7, AGA 8 (Detail & Gross Method I & II), & NX-19
■ Digital Outputs for Corrected/Uncorrected Volumes
■ Configurable for Forward, Reverse and Net Volumes
■ Multi-Run Configurations Available Using a Transducer Interface or XDI
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XARTU/1 Volume Corrector

AAT Volume Corrector

■ Embedded Sensus Auto-Adjust® Algorithms Certified by Sensus®
■ Live GC inputs
■ Configurable via RS232 for Modbus Communication
■ Optional RS485 with Expansion Board
■ Optional Wireless Communications (Cellular/Radio/Satellite)
■ Live Graphing of Main/Sense Frequencies in Field Manager Plus
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XARTU/1 AAT Volume Corrector

Orifice Flow Computer

■ Multivariable Integrated Transmitter
■ RTD for Temperature Measurement
■ Absolute or Gauge Pressure
■ Single and Bi-Directional Measurement
■ Analog/Digital I/O for Control Applications
■ Single Line, 4 Line or Graphic Display
■ Auto-Scroll & Magnetic Scroll
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XARTU/1 Orifice Flow Computer

Remote Mult-Variable Transmitter

■ Expand XARTU® Series Flow Computers to Handle Multiple Runs with a Single Flow Computer
■ Measurement based on AGA & API standards
■ Efficient Power Design Permits Operation from Main Flow Computer Energy Source
■ The Remote MVT Utilizes Field Proven Transmitter Technology from Honeywell, Providing Differential Pressure, Static Pressure, and Temperature in One Compact Unit
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XARTU/1 Remote MVT

Pressure Recorder

■ Up to Six Individual Pressure Measurements
■ Up to Two Temperature Measurements
■ Optional 4 Line or Multi-Line Graphical Displays
■ Communications Including Phone/Cellular/Radio/Satellite for Receiving Data and Alarms
■ Flow Measurement can be Easily Added if Requirements Change
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XARTU/1 Pressure Recorder

Remote Terminal Unit

■ Pluggable Terminals to Streamline Wiring
■ Configurable as a Drop-In Operational Replacement for Many Legacy RTU’s
■ Easily Integrated into Existing Hardware/Software Systems
■ Supports Most Manufacturers’ Wired and Wireless Communications Products
■ Remotely Configurable Over LAN or WAN
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XARTU/1 Remote Terminal Unit

Panel Mounted

■ Enclosure Dimensions Sized Depending on Application Requirements
■ Fibox Polycarbonate Enclosure with Quick Release Hasps
■ Wall or Pole Mounting
■ Ability to Store and Poll Over 30,000 User Definable History Records
■ Pressure Scan Times of 1/Sec or Less
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XARTU/1 Panel Mounted

Volume Accumulator

■ Accepts High or Low Frequency Pulses
■ Two-Way Calling Using Shared Phone Line
■ Fixed Factor Measurement
■ Up to Four Meters Connected Simultaneously
■ Wall, Pipe Mount or LDVI for Mounting
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XARTU/1 Volume Accumulator

Process Controller

■ A Standalone PID Controller
■ Pneumatic Valve Output Command
■ The PID Logic is Performed Electronically
■ 50 or 100 PSIG Output Options
■ Standard Solar Panel and Built-In Battery with no External Power
■ Works as a Stand-Alone or Remote Set
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XAPC Process Controller

XA® Series Peripherals

Control Devices

■ Plunger Lift
■ Process Controller
■ Solenoid Control Interface (SCI)
■ Control Devices
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Control Devices

Custom Panels

■ UL Certified Panel Shop
■ Flexible RTU Programming Using our Database Process
■ Internal Keypad and Display Allows the Customer to Easily and Quickly Update Configuration and Other Set Point Information Locally at the RTU
■ Interface for Multiple Types of On-Site Equipment
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Custom Panels

System Protection Module

■ Six Channel Protection in One Module
■ Four Stages of Protection: Inductance, Capacitance, High Energy Clamp, Fast Second Stage Lower Energy Clamp
■ Pluggable Pigtail Allows Easy Wiring Termination on the Equipment Side
■ Terminal Screws for Field Termination
■ UL Approval for use in Intrinsic Safe Circuits
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System Protection Module